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We have added two new breeding females to our farm

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The two females we have added are, Leja from the Serbian Military and the other is Zeva from the Stankovck line both females are registered and full blood from the former Yugoslavia. I will be adding pictures soon.

These dogs are highly effective in controlling the predation of livestock by Wild Dogs, Coyotes, Wolves, Mountain Lions, and Bears. They are also great for family protection and as farm / ranch guardians.

Arcan (Sire) and Geki (Dam) were both imported from Macedonia to the United States in 2000. These dogs have produced nice healthy pups. The dogs currently reside in Oklahoma.  All dogs sold come with UKC registration and current health records.  We can ship puppies to almost any location. If you are interested in information regarding any of our dogs please feel free to contact us. These dogs make wonderful stock and family guardians and would make a great addition to any family.

NOTE: Arcan and Geki are no longer with us they were our first Sarplaninacs and produced our line of male sires. We still have Arcan and Geki's bloodlines in our pups and are still producing quality purebred puppies. We want to thank everyone who has purchased pups from us in the past, and to those who visit and follow our webpage from time to time. Best Wishes,