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History of the breed

Sharplanina shepherd dog is a Macedonian-Yugoslav dog which was bred in the north-west part of Macedonia (Shar Planina, Bistra, Korab, Stogavo, Mavrovo, Jablanica, Pelister and etc.) and in the south-west part of Srbija (southern Kosovo). This dog was most frequently found in the mountain Shar Planina where it actually got its name. The dogs were registered in FCI in 1939 under the number 41 and by the name of Illyrian shepherd dog. In 1954 on the recommendation of JKS, FCI accepted the change of the name Illyrian shepherd dog into Yugoslav shepherd dog-Sharplaninec. After the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Macedonia requested the name of the dog be changed in the benefit of both countries, because the dog can be more frequently found in the borders of Macedonia and is much bigger compared to the Serbian side (more than two thirds), so both sides made an agreement to change the name into MACEDONIAN-YUGOSLAV SHEPHERD DOG - SHARPLANINEC . .

The origin of the Sharplaninec can only be guessed. It might be that it came to the Balkan Peninsula with the people who migrated there from Asia, with their cattle, this is the first theory. The other theory says that authors connect this dog directly with the Epir Molos the great grand ancestor of the Sharplaninec. This dog was kept only in its basic kind, in places where sheep were bred and even today this dog is used to protect the flocks of sheep from wild predators. Isolated in the mountains and at the same time under control of men, new generations of dogs are bred and are mated together, sometimes even from the same family (incest), and temporarily mixed with wolves. In the hills and mountains with poor food and harsh climate men bred only sheep and goats. It is obvious that the basic conditions for their successful breeding is by having good dogs which in order of importance came immediately after men.

History of the Sharplaninec 

Sharplaninec is one of the oldest native dog breeds in the world. It belongs to the group of shepherd dogs which originate from moloses. Today's Sharplaninec is result of natural selection in isolated environment untouched by other dogs for centuries. The harshness of nature made this dog to be tough, rough, aggressive and an excellent guardian, which does not back up in front of wolves or bears. This dog has got only one master, which in fact is not a real one but is its supporter.

Sharplaninec is a dog which makes no mistakes when it comes to keeping the flocks and protecting the master's property. It is a dog with high intelligence This makes him very independent. When this dog was brought into an urban environment, the result was a new kind of dog, which to some extent was different from the original one in terms of body construction and colour. The original dogs are taller, with thicker and rougher hair, more open angles on the back legs. On the mountain of Sharplanina dogs of all colours can be found, with or without a mask. Their color can be almost white, or the color of honey and all nuances of yellow or grey to almost black. The breeders in urban environments prefer dogs with a grey color. We should emphasize that when it comes to the color of this dog all colors are equal.

The character of the Sharplaninec 

The Sharplaninec is an extraordinarily balanced and peaceful dog. At the same time he has got good nature and can be rough but only when necessary. He is very courageous, always ready to oppose a stronger opponent in order to protect his master or the thing he is supposed to protect even at the price of his life. The Sharplaninec is a guard dog by instinct. He does not need any special training. One of his characteristics is that he does not bark without a reason. He is loyal to his master and does not trust strangers. He will accept the strangers unwillingly but even then he will watch all his moves. He has a high level of intelligence. He can be a little bit stubborn and dominating and you should not expect any circus skills from him or absolute obedience during the training. It is wrong to think that he is a stupid dog just because it is hard to train him. He is a dog that acts on his own will, thinking with his own head and does most things instinctively. He will perfectly understand what you want him to do, but he will not do it unless it is really necessary. The things you teach him, he will remember for the rest of his life. It is necessary to start training while the dog is young, because mistakes are hard to correct and bad habits are hard to break. Information courtesy of KEF of Macedonia